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Words can’t describe the love that I have for the Keneperu Sounds.

I first visited this place back when I was a child with my family and close friends. My father impulsed bought a house that was situated on a house in what we thought, was the absolute middle of no-where. When I say the middle of no-where, I mean that it takes 15 minutes by boat, several hours by car (I mean 3+ hours) or 20 minutes by a small aeroplane). However, being New Zealand and not Australia, at least the middle of no-where doesn’t usually mean scorching hot sun and deadly animals.

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As you can see, the house is quite hidden away on the hill, but the view from on-top of the deck is magnificent.

I recently revisited the Keneperu Sounds back in 2014 with my partner, we stayed there for just over a week while her brother and cousin came up a couple days after we got there.

The crystal clear water, glow worms at night time, loud birds that chirped constantly (these were the birds that make the communication noises in The Hunger Games). The list goes on.

We were able to go on many different walks to see what was on offer, down the road was a little resort that we were able to get some nice fish and chips at. Once we were back, we decided to do some jetty jumping and then row the boat, but we didn’t manage to get too far.

I will be posting more about my New Zealand journey over the next couple of days.

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